Booking Conditions
Merrygoround sas is authorised to contract rentals on behalf of the owners of the properties offered at the official price of the current season. The minimum rental period is one week, always from Saturday to Saturday.

The rental prices are divided by season and are meant per unit per week from Saturday to Saturday (possible exceptions are mentioned on the property description). All extra charges (mentioned in the description of each property) are not included in the rental price and are to be paid on the spot to the owner of the property or to his/her representative at departure. The prices are an integral part of the general conditions of rental; agents or distributors are not authorised to change the prices in any way.

All bookings must be made directly through Merrygoround sas which is authorised to act on behalf of Merrygoround sas. The client must fill in the booking-form and accept Merrygoround sas general conditions. The contract is binding and with the its acceptance the client becomes responsible for the rental towards Merrygoround sas and the Italian Law. A deposit of 30% of the total rental is due at the time the booking is confirmed. The balance is due at checkin date. Upon receipt of the advance payment Merrygoround sas will provide the client with a rental voucher together with the address of the property and the driving instructions for reaching it. Upon arrival the client must show the voucher to the owner or to his/her representative before gaining admittance to the property. No other document will be accepted. The voucher is personal and valid only for the persons named on the booking form and it is non-transferable. The owner or his/her representative will refuse entrance to the property if the number of persons exceeds the number mentioned on the voucher. If there is any change in the total number persons during the stay, Merrygoround sas must be informed in advance, otherwise the owner or his/her representative can request the whole party to leave, in which case the client loose the total rental. All changes and special requests must be agreed in advance with Merrygoround sas. Children under the age of 2 are not counted, provided that the client brings his/her own baby-cot and linen (possible exceptions are pointed out on the property description).

Payments must be maid by bank transfer (SWIFT) or by check without any charges for the beneficiary. For each payment the name of the client, the booking number and the property reference must be clearly specified. If these conditions are not met, the booking is not valid. Payments in other currencies that Euros are not accepted.

The client must arrive at the property on Saturday between 15.00. and 20.00 (possible exceptions are mentioned on the property description). Any change to the arrival times must be advised to Merrygoround sas within the opening time of the office (from Mon. to Fri. from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00) prior arrival in order to avoid that the owner or his/her representative may refuse entrance to the property. In case of unexpected late arrival, the client must advise Merrygoround sas or the owner. Should the owner not to be able to accept a late arrival, all possible costs referring to hotels, restaurants, transportation are on the client. Upon arrival the client must show the owner or to his/her representative the rental voucher and passports of all members of the party to conform to the Italian Law. The clients must depart on Saturday between 8.00 and 10.00, after returning the house keys and allow the owner or his/her representative to inspect the conditions of the property.

Upon arrival the client must pay a cautionary deposit as guarantee for possible damages and/or extra charges which are not included in the rental price. The deposit is to be paid in € as per the amount indicated on the voucher to the owner or his/her representative. The owner or his/her representative has the right to refuse admittance to the property if the deposit is not paid. This deposit will be refunded on departure. In case of early departure, the owner will refund the deposit after inspecting the house, and will mail it back to the client after deducting all possible charges and/or costs for damages caused by the client. Merrygoround sas is not responsible for possible controversies between the client and the owner concerning the deposit.

Upon arrival the client will find the property in clean and tidy condition. At departure the client must pay to the owner or to his/her representative final cleaning charges. In case final cleaning charges are included in the rental price, it is mentioned on the property description.

Heating charges are provided on the property description and must be paid on the spot to the owner of the property or to his/her representative. These charges can be calculated depending on the use, in which case the property description will read "AC" (meaning according to consumption). The use of heating (period of use, temperature…) varies from region to region. At the time being in Italy the use of heating is allowed in the period from Nov. 1st to March 30th 8 hours a day. The possibility of using the heating outside this period and the cost of it must be agreed with the owner of the rented property. The properties without the symbol referring to the heating are not provided with a heating system.

Domestic animals (cats and dogs) are allowed only in the properties showing the symbol referring to domestic animals. At the time a booking is confirmed the client must advise Dimore of any domestic animal so that Merrygoround sas can inform the owner of the property. In a few cases the owner may request a supplementary charge for accepting domestic help; if so, this supplement will be mentioned on the property description.

The client renting a Merrygoround sas property is responsible for his/her correct behaviour whilst occupying the property. Should the clients fail to behave in a civilised and decent manner, the owner or his/her representative has the right to ask the client to leave immediately and to ask for compensation of all possible damages caused by the client. If this is the case the client loses any right to a reimbursement.

The owner or his/her representative reserves the right to enter the property for essential maintenance works (garden, swimming-pool, etc.) even in case of independent villas.

The description of the properties are made in good faith. Merrygoround sas cannot be held responsible for changes carried out by the owner of the property without noticing Merrygoround sas. If the client has any complaint in the property, he/she should inform Merrygoround sas on the arrival day, Saturday, no later that 20.00. or on the following Monday before 12.00, confirming it in writing within 24 hours (Merrygoround sas office is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00). Any complaint will not be accepted unless this procedure is observed. Merrygoround sas reserves the right to verify, during the period of occupancy, the reasons of the complaint of the client, if necessary by inspecting the property. If the complaint is accepted, the client will be compensated in proportion to the extent of the sustained damage (up to a maximum of the rental price). If necessary, Merrygoround sas reserves the right to move the client to a similar or to a better property, with the only bound of availability. Should the client accept this exchange, no further compensation can be asked by the client. If no property is available to move the client, Merrygoround sas will refund the total rental. In no case Merrygoround sas will pay hotel or other accommodation costs. If the client leaves the property before the Merrygoround sas representative arrives, the client will loose the right to compensation. Merrygoround sas will not accept as causes for complaint weather conditions, stings or presence of insects, lack of water or electricity, work in progress, etc., if these depend on state-run organisations. Merrygoround sas properties are not hotels but private homes. Their equipment, furniture and characteristics reflect the local style, the taste of the owner and the Italian traditions (ex.: normally the coffee machine is the Italian espresso maker and not the electrical machine) do not reflect the standard grading used by hotels. Therefore Merrygoround sas will not consider these elements as a cause of complaint.

Should the client for any reason cancel the booking, the following cancellation charges will be applied:
  • 15% of the total rental if the cancellation is made 60 days or more prior arrival day.
  • 25% of the total rental if it is made between 59 and 45 days prior arrival day.
  • 50% of the total rental if it is made between 44 and 30 days prior arrival day.
  • 90% of the total rental if it is made between 29 and 1 day prior arrival day.
  • 100% of the total rental if it is made on the arrival day or in case of no-show.

  • For any amendment to the original booking, assuming that the property and the rental period remain the same, the client must pay a fee of € 30,00. If the property and the rental period do not remain the same, the booking has to be cancelled applying the above cancellation fees, and a new booking is necessary. Should Merrygoround sas succeed in renting the property of the cancelled booking, the client must only pay a penalty equal to the actual damage sustained by Merrygoround sas. The rental price does not include cancellation insurance. Should Merrygoround sas be forced to cancel a booking because of reasons not depending on their will, Merrygoround sas will offer a similar or a better property. If the price of the alternative accommodation is lower than the price of the booked house, Merrygoround sas will refund the client the difference between the initial price and the rate of the alternative accommodation. In case no other alternative accommodation is available Merrygoround sas will refund the total price of the booking.

    For any dispute concerning bookings and lettings only the Court of Law of Florence will have jurisdiction. Italian Law must be applied. Merrygoround sas responsibility is only bound to the rules for estate agencies of Italian Law. If some of the conditions of this contract should be modified by new laws, the validity of the remaining conditions cannot be questioned.

    In order to valid the booking, Merrygoround sas need some personal information on the client. Merrygoround sas is responsible for managing these data as per the D. LGS. 196/2003 (Italian Law) and will save this personal information in an independent database. These data will be used by Merrygoround sas only to valid the booking and to communicate with the client for the present and the future. In any case this personal information will not be forwarded to any other third parties (the only exceptions are in case of contract and Italian law obligation). In any case, Merrygoround sas remind that the client has the right to be informed and to oppose to the use of this personal information as per the art. 7 of the above mentioned D. LGS. 196/2003.

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